Mahabaleshwar hill station, hill stations in india, 

west india hill stations, Mahabaleshwar Location: 285 km from Mumbai, Satara district, Maharashtra
Area: 215 sq.kms
Significance: Delightful Hill Station for horse riding, boating.
Altitude: 1372m above sea level
Climate: Summer 30°C, Winter 16°C
Best time to visit: October to May

Mahabaleshwar hill is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters on the mountains of Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Placid lakes, green hills and waterfalls throughout Mahabaleshwar it a popular destination among visitors. They ran from the hot and humid climate of the city to find a good atmosphere here. Temples, amazing places and sites of historical importance adds its natural beauty. The panoramic views, climate, excursions and sports activities in Mahabaleshwar provides the best vacation spot in Maharashtra.

The panoramic sights, climate, excursions and sporting activities in Mahabaleshwar states it the best holiday spot in Maharashtra.

Places to see in Mahabaleshwar


Lingmala Waterfalls, Chinaman's waterfall and Dhobi waterfall enthralls every visitor.


Mahabaleshwar has 30 exotic spectacular viewpoints. Wilson Point or Sunrise point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. One can enjoy the beauty of the rising sun from any of the three places here. Opposite to that Bombay Point is the point where you can witness the best of sunset in Mahabaleshwar.

Connaught Peak or the Mount Olympia, Hunter Point, Elphinston point, Babington Point, Kate's Point, Echo Point, Marjorie And Savitri Points, Lodwick Point, Arthur's Seat are some of the famous natural points; each having own distinct characteristics.

Mahabaleshwar temple:

Lord Shiva temple which is the landmark of Mahabaleshwar is surrounded by 5 feet high stone wall. It has two apartments; one is God chamber and the outer or other the central hall.

Venna Lake:

The Lake is 2.5 km long and the boating facility to stroll through the beautiful lake is available for visitors. People can even enjoy horse riding on the bank of river.


Panchgani is another famous hill station in Maharashtra 19km away from Mahabaleshwar, and at an altitude of 1,334 meters. It is surrounded by five hills. Like Mahabaleshwar Panchgani, too have numerous viewpoints as, the Sidney point, Parsi point and the Graves Point. The Cave's Kamlagad fort and Devil's kitchen are another popular spots here.

Pratapgarh Fort:

Pratapgarh Fort near Mahabaleshwar is the site built by Shivaji and it is where he defeated General of Bijapur Afzal Khan. The picturesque beauty of Afazal khan's tomb and around it is a must see.


Lake Tapola near Mahabaleshwar is also known as 'mini Kashmir.' It is a big lake dotted with small islands where tourists can enjoy boating. Visitors can visit various islands and appreciate their beauty.

Mount Malcolm:

It is the old building constructed in 1829 which is famous for it's brilliant architectural skills.

Catholic Church:

The uniqueness of old Raman Catholic Holy cross church is its stained-glass windows and is looked after by a Hindu family.

Sporting activities in Mahabaleshwar

There are lots of adventurous activities to be carried out in Mahabelshwar. Tourists can fish in Venna Lake; go on trekking trails amid sparkling waterfalls and fabulous sights.

The charm of the place reaches at peak among visitors during vacations like Christmas, Diwali and in summers. The best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is from October to June.

Shopping in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar grows strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries and is famous for this. Buying these either fresh or in the form of jams, preserves and marmalades is simply worth a deal. The market is very small just a single lane of shops. The market is very popular for its leather goods and tribal trinkets.